Home for the Holdays!
Tyler and I just got back from spending the week up in Idaho. It was filled with: excitement, presents, food, treats, freezing temperatures, live nativity scene, rock band, more food, horse riding, skiing, throwing up (thanks baby), family, and lots of fun.
I love going up to Idaho and being able to see most of my extended family; and getting together with most of my highschool friends!
Christmas eve we all stayed the night at Mom and Dad's so that made Christmas morning awesome watching my nieces and nephews wake up to presents from Santa and going crazy opening the rest of their presents. It's crazy to think that next year we will be having our own little baby to buy fun presents for.SO EXCITING...by  the way I'm due July 20th

On Saturday we drove back to Utah and straight up to the cabin in Sundance to meet up with Ty's family and Bella. Even though the temperatures up there were not any warmer, we still had a blast playing outside and making the perfect CRAZY sledding hill! It was an awesome Christmas we are lucky to have spent time with both of our families! Thanks for all the fun memories, we love you all so much...
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YES.... We are having a baby!


I hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day!  I love this time of year, the snow begins to fall and the stores are filled with lots and lots of Christmas decor. If this feeling could stay all year long it would just be fantastic.
Tyler and I spent Thanksgiving with the Cooks this year, it was great. The food, the company, and the entertainment (the siblings) :). It's always a good time when we get together.
We were lucky to see my parents on Wednesday; they were on their way to Andrea's down in St. George. They stopped to say hi and to catch up on the new exciting things in our lives ;)....It was the in-law year for Thanksgiving, but that just means we get to have a cold white Christmas up in Idaho.
I can't believe the Christmas count down is already on! WOW now i just need to get  a tree to put all my decorations on. Anyone know of a really good deal on one? I missed all the great sales on black Friday. I wasn't feeling the greatest so I stayed home most of the day. Tyler had fun though!
Now for the Birthday Shout Outs!
Andrea Sue Harker:

If only everyone could enjoy life like you do! I love you sis....


I can't believe how fast you are growing up! I can't wait to meet your new puppy, I wish I could have been there for your birthday! I love you so much, you will always be my munchkin!


Christmas Band!!

 Let me know if you are interested in buying this band! 
Or if you want a different one... :)


Watches, watches, watches...

So Christmas is coming up, i'm sure you're all thinking what to get a good friend a parent
or a sister.. What better than a watch. I love giving them as presents, they are cute and
very affordable. I know I have mentioned that I make them before so I figured
I would get orders early this year.  Here is an example of some really simple ones that I
have made for myself, or anyone that wants to buy them. I can make any color, shape of
bead,  all marble,  or silver, you name it!
They start at $15 for just a band and $25 for face and band. Depending on the beads
 you choose.  If you think you are interest please email me at rachelfcook@gmail.com


Happy Halloween!

 Bella and the pumpkins

I was a witch for school

  Jenn, Jenn, Jenn.....
Halloween night Tyler and I went to the Black out game. GO UTES, then ended
up watching a scary movie which I don't usually do.
I think my eyes and ears were covered the whole time..
I'm happy to have Halloween out of the way because now
it's time to get ready for CHRISTMAS


missing ty....

Thursday afternoon Tyler, Jesse, Joe and  my dad all headed up to the ranch. 2 days later
Tyler got his first deer! YEAH FOR TY! now let's just hope he dosen't decide he wants to move to Idaho and become a hunter :)


Second Annual Cook Pumpkin Carving Contest

Tyler's, mine, Britt's, Jenn's and Eric's
Ya mine is awesome!
Bella and Drew, the 2 grand kids.. ALL LOCKED UP


Friday night Tyler and I got together with some friends over at the Zurchers house.
We had fun games, good food, tasty treats, a good scare, and no better way to end a party then
at 3:00 a.m. We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with such fun/awesome people.
After a couple games, we got some unexpected company... a little mouse decided to join
the party. Within seconds there were 18 people up on chairs hiding from a mouse :)
Thanks for such a fun night everyone!

Dallas in his costume.. He scared Tyler (so funny!)

this was after I saw the mouse...



It has happened! I am finally excited for fall. After a short cold trip to Idaho I am ready for the cold. I'm actually going to dare say that i'm excited for winter. Actually I think i'm just excited for Christmas.. Its always a blast when we go home, we love to hang out with the fam. Tyler got to go shoot somes ducks with my dad and brother, while me, nichole, and my mom helped clean my grandmas house. Poor grammy just had a full knee replacement.. She is strong though!
We all gathered for a beautiful sunday dinner while enjoying great company and great words of wisdom from conference. I love conference. We had a suprise guest at dinner, my Grandpa Ferney has decided to get married. My Grandma passed away in January, we were all a little shocked to hear that he was getting married so quick, but after seeing them together it was a little easier to accept. It was fun seeing a couple of that age, so happy and in love. I'm happy that my dear Grandpa (who was so good to take care of my grandma that last couple years) can now enjoy life again and not be alone. We love you Grandpa and are very happy for you and  Nita.
As for the weather, I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Halloween is coming, then comes the icy roads..


New beginings and early endings

This last week has been full off sorrow and happiness.. My family lost a dear cousin to Muscular Dystrophy, then Monday Tyler's Uncle was killed in a car wreck. So unexpected and so early for the both of them. We love our families dearly and are so happy to have the knowledge and understanding of God's plan for us. It always brings some comfort in situations like this.

On a happy note we got to see our beautiful cousin Heidi married yesterday to an awesome guy named Sam Watts. We are excited and so happy for them!
Saturday we get to watch 2 of our closest friend marry each other. Brooke & Nick YAH!!!!!!! Love you both and can't wait for the wedding!

With all the things that have been happening the last week, it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the time with each other, our families and friends. They have made us who we are. Thanks everyone!

Love these girls!

UPDATE: This picture is from Saturday night (Nick and Brooke's wedding!)
It was awesome, they both are such great friends to us, and we are so happy for them!


First Day of School

Today was a great day..The first day of school
Students : "Teacher teacher teacher!
I need to go potty!
I don't get it!
My mom said.....
When is lunch?
When is it recess?
Can we go home yet?
I love you Mrs. Cook!"
Mrs. Cook : " My name is Mrs. Cook, not teacher"
The bathroom is down the hall
Please sit down
Raise your hand if you would like to say something
If you need my attention raise your hand, please don't shout out!
Lunch is in 2 hours
Lunch is in an hour and a half
Recess is in an hour
Recess is in 30 min
Recess is in 5 min
You get to go home at the end of the day
I love you too!"
The first week of school is always a little crazy, getting the students used to all the rules, procedures and just being back to school all day. But it is all worth it, at the end of the day when they are still able to say I love you Mrs. Cook, I get excited for the next day and can't wait to see what questions they have and what things they have to tell me. Honestly, what other job can you be silly, corny, and goofy and get paid for it? It's going to be a great year!


Anniversary Part 2

For our anniversary Tyler and I headed up to Sundance where we spent the evening enjoying the beauty of Utah and the best company anyone could ask for.
Yea we're pretty cool..
It was a little windy

strike a pose


Happy Anniversary

August 9, 2008

Tyler and I have now been married for one year(tomorrow). We can't believe how time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were up at Red Butte Gardens starting out on the wonderful journey called life..
Some highlights of the year
  • We adopted Bella
  • Moved into our new and first house together
  • First everything, as a married couple (holidays)
  • Hawaii
  • Camping in Idaho
  • Our first Rage (long story..thanks Bells for coming)
  • Lake Powell
  • Gaining new friends and a wonderful neighborhood
  • Growing together as Mr & Mrs Cook
  • Preparing to start a family
We have been so lucky to have had such a wonderful first year, I know that it will only continue to get better. They say the first year is the hardest, well i say bull. It was cake! Maybe that's because I married the most easy going husband ever. Ty thank you! As for the next year, i'm sure we'll have just as much fun as we did this one. With lots of fun surprises and twists. We are working towards being sealed the the LDS temple this year, as well as starting our family.
Thank you to all those who have had a part in our lives.
Thank you Tyler for being the man, husband, companion, and example for me in my life.
I love you.


Part 2

We just returned from another AWESOME trip to powell. This trip was with the Taylor side. We had about 35 out of 40 people there! It was a lot of fun, we missed those who could make it. I will have to post some videos we got of grandparents going down the slide and about 17 people going head first down in about 15 seconds. Lots of fun, food, sun, laughing,double sliding (mandi) and hardly any sleep! That's the way it should be! Thanks everyone for all the awesome memories and thanks Grandma and Grandpa for everything we will never forget Lake Powell 2009!... Love you all.


Tyler Cook

Happy Birthday Ty!

On July 22, an amazing thing happened.. My husband was born. Tyler John Cook is wonderful, caring, loving, sweet, sexy, handsome, positive man. . I have never met anyone with a attitude like his. Nothing gets himdown, he is always happy and looking for the best in everyone and every situation.
I love my husband so much and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. I know he will be a great Dad and that we will have a happy life together.
Bus, thank you for everything! I love you babe...
For Ty's birthday I took him up to Park City for a surprise weekend. We had a lot of fun at the park riding rides, watching people, and just being together. We had to celebrate this weekend because we leave to Lake Powell the day before his birthday.




My quick trip home to IDAHO....

I played with my nieces, this is Ella the cuttest 2 year old ever.
She's my little monkey.

This is Bailee, she is 6 and growing so fast I can't believe it!
We had a great time, building forts, singing, and just being

Dad and Payton(who just turned ONE!), he loves his grandpa!
My brother Jesse beating up his wife Kim.
Peyton is their cute son..
The last night we all got together at my parents house for a
nice fire (in the fire pit) and tinfoil dinners. Thanks Dad they were
yummy! I LOVE going home but the trip is never long enough.