Tonight is my extended family Christmas Party at my parents house.
I'm sad to be missing it right now. So I thought I would share what I'm missing out on:
  • Everyone catching up and sharing stories of the last year
  • Eating lamb/ham/ or whatever kind of meat 
  • Eating until your stomach is completely full and then eating more
  • Sitting at the "kids" table wishing one day I could eat at the adult table
  • Realizing the kids table is WAY cooler than the adult table
  • Watching all the great grand kids bang their plates or knives on the table just excited to open presents
  • Watching my  mom and grandma clean up after everyone as they always do (yes I said Watching)
  • Getting  the kids ready for the big nativity scene
It used to be us getting ready for the big scene, scraping together costumes. But we have handed that down to all the great grand kids and my mom now has professional costumes :)
  • Listening to Grandpa read the story out of the bible 
  • Taking pictures of all the adorable kids in their costumes. (or of myself being the ass, and  Max being the reindeer....)
  • Singing songs around the tree, feeling the love our the whole family and remembering the true reason for the season
  • Opening Presents!!!!
  • Saying good bye to the family once again
Since I can remember we have gone to my grandma's house for Christmas Eve. Doing each of these things every year. Each child used to have to sing or do some kind of act to open presents. I would always sing a solo and I have no clue why because I was horrible! The boys would sing a song about a hay penny. The older girls would do their duets to "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas" and the younger kids would try and sing but were always too shy. My Grandma is amazing. She seriously went crazy with these parties. Making sure it was the time our our lives; as it always was. I'm so thankful she had us do these things every year. We hated it on the outside, but deep down loved every second of it. And now looking back and not being able to be there I wish more than anything I could be dressed up singing right now.
After the party was all said and done we would go home and open our Christmas pj's from our parents. Oh the matching pj's :) Then gather around to watch the Griswald Christmas Vacation or the Christmas Story.
Thanks family for helping me feel the chirstmas spirit every year!
Now this year I have my own little family to take care of.
Let's hope I can make it as fun for them as my mom and Grandma did for me!
Let the traditions begin..


Christmas Pictures Round 1
  Let the parties and pictures begin!


A visit from the Jeppesen's
 My sister and her family came to visit for the weekend :)
We saw SANTA
  Yes that is a DEER in the background, we went to Cabella's to see Santa!

Later that night we all went down to temple square where we saw
more people then we did lights. It was crazy but we had fun.

Thanks Nichole, Joe, Bailee, Ella, and Kate for such a wonderful weekend!


Molly, Pyper, and birthday girl Lucy


Thanksgiving 2010
This Year we had Thanksgiving in Idaho with my family. It was cold and snowy!
But I'm so glad the whole family was able to be there.
My mom and dad had their hands and house full!
It was fun to have the babies all together for the first time. Our cute little Kate is so
tiny and sweet, at 3 weeks she weighs a whole 5.11 lbs.
Austin and Molly had a lot of fun with each other.
They are so opposite  Aussy likes to be loud all day long! And Molly
is just quiet in every way. 
We ate, played, laughed, slept, ate more, and stayed warm inside.
Tyler and I did manage to sneak outside for 5 minutes
to do a family photo. IT WAS FREEZING!

Molly's first SNOW

Best Friends

The Jeppesen Clan
 My beautiful nieces!
Ella, Bailee (who just turned 8) and Kate

  Jesse and Payton

We have so much to be thankful for.. 
Thanks family for the great weeked we loved every second of being toghether.
I feel so blessed and happy this time of year. I'm thankful for
my wonderful husband and all he does for me and Molly. He loves us and 
takes great care of us. Thanks babe.. 
I'm thankful for having a healthy and happy baby girl that I love with all my heart!


Kate Olivia Jeppesen was born November 11, 2010
Weighing in at 5.5lbs and 19 inches.
Nichole did great, and so did daddy Joe.
Molly and I went to Idaho the night before Kate was born. We helped take
care of Bailee and Ella (my nieces). I was so happy to be there and welcome
Kate to the world. She is so cute and so tiny. Long like her daddy 
and tiny like her mommy. We love you Kate!
Oh and Molly had her ears pierced while we were in Idaho!
So cute!
Bailee,Kate,Peyton,Ella, and Molly
(missing Logan and Austin)

  Molly also turned 4 MOTHS OLD! I can't believe how big she is getting.
She is still such a good baby, sleeping through the night,
laughing, playing, and now eating cereal.
Her favorite thing is morning time. Me or Tyler go get her from
her crib and she lies in bed with us and just talks.
She loves to lay with us and grab our faces, especially daddy's.
We love our baby girl so much.
Mmmmm Cereal!
We also just celebrated another birthday, Drew boy turned 3! 
We are glad you had such a great birthday.
Just riding around with Drew
Molly and Hallie


Tonight Tyler and I were on our way to drop Molly of at his parents house
Molly and I were just chillin in the back when Tyler sneezed! Molly
thought it was soo funny! So for the next while of course I had to 
create fake sneezes to get her to laugh.


Fall is here!

The last month has just flown by. I can't believe Christmas is so close. 
A lot has happened the last month. We will start with the boys trip, my dad took all the guys
minus Joe (he was digging potatoes) up to the ranch for a hunt. In order to go on the hunt
you had to grow a beard and I wasn't too fond of that idea. 
Here is what they looked like after the growing process. 
 Ty in his hunting gear
Jesse with his game face
My Dad

Brad and Dad
They had a great time, and I'm very proud of my hubby he came home with the largest buck
this year. He will never win biggest beard!
While he was hunting I went up and stayed in Idaho with my mom and sister.
I love being able to go home and see them and Molly loves to spend time with 
her grandma.
This last week we lost a dear sweet woman! Tyler's grandma passed away.
Betty you will be missed, and remembered every time we do a little dance!
Love you Grandma

Now for some Molly updates. She is 16 weeks and growing like a week.
She loves to sit up in her bumbo and talk and drool at her flower rattle.
She is laughing and giggling a lot more and happy most of the time unless
she realizes that mom is not around. She has kinda turned into a mommas girl.
She loves to fall asleep with the blanket over her face and her hand holding tight to 
my hair. If my hair isn't there if will find something to grab.
Molly loves morning time, every morning she wakes up with a big
grin on her face and those bright big eyes staring up at us.
I can't believe how fast she is growing up. But still loving every moment with her.

Molly with her Great Grandma and Grandpa "Lacy"
(Taylor, but they are know for their dog lacy)
My beautiful butterfly. YES that's right my child is a butterfly. For those
of you who don't know I am deathly afraid of butterflies.
But not this one, all I want to do to this one is kiss her kissable
cheeks all day long!



 I never imagined being a mom could make me this happy!
I stare all day into those huge eyes of hers and can't believe that i'm that lucky
to be her mommy! I love you baby girl xoxo


Molly's First Cabin Trip
Look at those cheeks! (her's not mine :)
Molly and Hallie just hangin in their pj's (4 weeks apart)
Cousin Drew Boy saying "cheese"
We had so much fun up at the cabin in Sundance with the family. It was nice and 
relaxing to watch conference up there as well as enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
When we got home Tyler, Molly and I were just hangin out on the couch watching
Molly drool away so we put a burp cloth up to her and she thought it was pretty funny!
We were also trying to block her from sucking on her fists her new favorite thing.
She got one!

Thanks for making life so great Molly!