New beginings and early endings

This last week has been full off sorrow and happiness.. My family lost a dear cousin to Muscular Dystrophy, then Monday Tyler's Uncle was killed in a car wreck. So unexpected and so early for the both of them. We love our families dearly and are so happy to have the knowledge and understanding of God's plan for us. It always brings some comfort in situations like this.

On a happy note we got to see our beautiful cousin Heidi married yesterday to an awesome guy named Sam Watts. We are excited and so happy for them!
Saturday we get to watch 2 of our closest friend marry each other. Brooke & Nick YAH!!!!!!! Love you both and can't wait for the wedding!

With all the things that have been happening the last week, it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the time with each other, our families and friends. They have made us who we are. Thanks everyone!

Love these girls!

UPDATE: This picture is from Saturday night (Nick and Brooke's wedding!)
It was awesome, they both are such great friends to us, and we are so happy for them!