Molly's first BOATING trip!
Yes my little girl is growing up :) The other day I was dying
sitting inside the house we needed to get out!
So my awesome husbanda agreed to take us out on the boat for the evening.
Molly was so good, no crying, whining, fussing, nothing
but some poopy diapers!
The water was so nice and the weather was a little cloudy
so it was perfect. But Utah Lake never stays that way
within minutes the wind picked up and
the waves were getting bigger. I will admit I got a little worried.
But we made it back safely and Molly is
ready to go again!
Drew loves sleeping like baby Molly

Molly's 2 week stats:
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 6lbs 12oz
Attitude: Still so sweet she is always content
Sleeping: We are lucky Molly has now got into a pattern of eating at 10:30 not waking up till 2, eating and then going back to sleep until 8-8:30. She likes it when her Mommy gets sleep!
We love you baby girl!


Modeling Session

Molly and I were bored today at home, so I decided to strip her down and 
get some really cute photos. Of course it wasn't hard to get cute ones of my
little miss. I still find my self just staring at her wondering how we created something so perfect!


It all started the morning of July 14, Tyler and I were up and ready to head to the hospital around 7:00. When we arrived both our hearts started pounding and we knew THIS WAS IT. The doc came in and broke my water and hooked me up to patocin (not sure how to spell) by 8:00 and contractions were already going. My mom made it there around noon and so did Tyler's parents. I made it quite a while without the epidural I wanted to see how it felt, by the time I had the full dose of patocin I was ready for it! I think that was the part I was most scared of; the thought of something going into my spine. AHHH   I was already dilated to a 3 and by 2:00 I was only a 5. It felt like forever around 3:00 I was at a 7 and the doctor said about 3 more hours until GO time. I was trying to pass the time by texting and talking on my phone :) So if ya got a crazy text sorry but it did help. And poor Ty he didn't stop looking at the machines watching my contractions and the babies heart rate, she did have a couple ups and downs but they figured out that when the doc rolled me on my right side the babies heart rate was better. I have to admit it was great having my mommy there she knew more than any of the nurses. By 4:30 I felt different, I could feel major pressure and for those of you who have had babies you know that feeling. My father in law went out and told the nurse I felt like I needed to push, she came in and by 5:00 I was pushing, 19 minutes later Molly came into the world.
We were so happy, excited, emotional I thought everything was perfect. Until she was not crying or breathing. The stupid nurse that took her over to the table to get her to breath had to clue what she was doing, so my mom stepped in and gave her a "suggestion" and the nurse asked my mom to move away. My doctor stood up and was on the same page as my mom telling the nurse what to do. By then the nurse had called CODE BLUE! There I was scared, crying and I hear CODE BLUE in room 104. 15 nurses and docs ran into my room within minutes she was fine and breathing. Thanks to my amazing husband who held my hand through the whole thing telling me she was fine I was able to make it through the whole drama. My mom kept assuring us everything was ok. Thank heavens for her!
Tyler then brought our sweet angel over to me for the first time, I couldn't believe how perfect she was. Beautiful in every way. I hope I never forget those feelings of holding Molly for the first time, the feeling of love and peace that was in the room that day. Holding someone so innocent and pure.We were  happy to have shared that moment with my mom and my in-laws.
Molly was wide awake her big eyes just looking up and her mommy and daddy. We then had all our wonderful visitors that came to welcome Molly into the world. We stayed at the hospital for 2 nights and I of course didn't sleep, I couldn't all I wanted to do was stare at my baby girl. I wouldn't even let the nurses take her to the nursury I just wanted her by my side.
When we got home we arrived to all of our wonderful family having the Cooks and all the Ferneys around was awesome. I loved that everyone was here to meet her. Andrea and Brad were even able to come up and introduce Austin to everyone. Molly got to meet her whole family it was so wonderful. My mom stayed with us for a week and did more to help out that I could have ever asked for, I only hope I can be that good of a mother! There were a lot of tears when she left; thanks mom Love ya!
Here it is almost 2 weeks later and everything is great. Molly is such a sweet baby (for now) she is always content she has been upset once and it was because of a belly ache. She only wakes up once during the night and she is a great little eater :). Tyler and I are so happy we love all the change that has occurred in our lives. Bella is doing great too in case anyone was wondering she is a little jealous and ignores the baby for the most part. Now that I have shared our long story I feel like I left out so much but I wanted to share what I could. Molly is our angel and we are so lucky that she picked to come to our family! It's amazing how much love you can have for someone you've only known for a couple of days. WE LOVE YOU MOLLY!

I need to give a shout out to my amazing hubby! In the mix of all this
he had a birthday! So happy birthday Bus, we love you so much. Thanks for helping 
and already being the best daddy and example for our baby girl!


Molly Jane Cook

Molly Jane Cook
 Birthday: July 14, 2010
Height: 18.5 inches
Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz
Health: Perfect
Attitude: Angel
Details and pictures coming soon, I have to find the 
cord to my camera so I can post pictures


Dear Baby,
Please come soon, your mommy and daddy have been anxiously waiting for your arrival. I know it's nice and warm in there but I promise you life will be good out here. We love you so much already. Hope to see you in the next couple of days!


Proud to be an American
Tyler and I spent the weekend up in Idaho with my family. It was so good to be home 
for the fourth and show Ty the way we do things in Idaho :). 
  • Spend the day with Dad at a roping in Wyoming
  • Scrub cow poop off of Bella
  • Rodeo
  • Parade bright and early (the girls and kids)
  • 4 Wheeler ride in the mountains (boys)
  • Give Bella another bath
  • Watch Bella chase cows and horses
  • Another bath for Bella
  •  Fire work show in Idaho Falls AMAZING!
  • Fishing on the river with my Dad
  • BBQ
  • R & R on the couch with the family
  • Give Bella her last bath
It was sad not to have my mom and the Harker's but good news for them is that Andrea 
had her baby Austin Douglas Harker. He's a handsome little boy! 

Ty, Ella and Bailee and our little cowboy Peyton

 Nice job Pops!

My sister Nichole and her beautiful family
(Joe, Nic, Bailee and Ella girl #3 on her way)
Thanks for the fun weekend Dad! 
Bella trying to get her own reflection