I finally figured out how to change backgrounds and not lose anything! If you only knew how frustrated I was last time. LOL. Today we had a babe shower for my wonderful sister in law Kim. Kim and my brother got married last august, we are so happy to have her as a part of the family! I love her so much, its not often that one of your good friends becomes your sister. I can't wait for little baby boy ferney to come into our lives. I have 2 awesome nieces (Bailee, Ella), 2 adorable nephews (Logan and Drew), and one more makes 3. Talk about love. I love them all so much, its hard to imagine loving a child more than I love all of them. Im a PROUD AUNT that's for sure! If you haven't seen pics, they are in my slide show.
Kim i'm so happy for you and Jess, im glad you are a part of the family! Love you.



So today I made a slide show of a bunch of pictures. It's so fun to look back through all the pics I have and re-live the moments! Ty and I have had the best year and a half ever, filled with sooo many fun memories. We are lucky.. Now I just cant wait to have our most memorable day. Which I really hope all you my friends can make it to the wedding! Highschool friends that means you, college friends that means you too! Its exciting that we will be able to actually have our friends at the ceremony. So Ya better be there.



So I am doing good at updating my blog, I even changed my back ground.. But I lost my contact links, my music, and picutres.. I am really not good at this stuff!


So Happy!

So life is great! Tyler and I are both so excited... I just wish time would fly by and the wedding was tomorrow. The plans are all done, made, final! People always said it was stressful, but no way. I think its been so much fun, not stressful. The next step is finding a place to live. HMMMM
I can't wait to finally move in together, im just a little scared to cook.. HA HA Oh well Ty will be ok. Only 120 days or something like that till im an officail Cook! That's right a Cook! I am marrying into the greatest family ever, I love them all so much. Jen, Britt, thats you! As for all the cousins, i love you guys too they are all just fabulous! :)
OK, enough of me blabbering on. I am just SO EXCITED!!! I will try to keep updating things more..
Oh and I can't forget to give a shout out to Little Brooke! Congrats on your call, we are excited for you. You are the only one of the girls that are off the hook for not being at the wedding. Love you!