This week has been an emotional roller coaster for the Ferney family. On Monday my Grandpa (dad's dad) was found by his sweet wife Nita (my grandma died 2 years ago) unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital where he then laid in a comma, no one knowing what was going to happen. There was a scare of brain damage due to be unconscious, a scare of another heart attache, and a definite fear of death. We had all thought this was it, we had prepared to go to Idaho and attend the funeral of my Grandpa. After a lot of work, cooling down his body then warming his body back up, tears and tears, HE WOKE UP! The doctors and my family were in complete shock. He was awake and talking. He knew where he was, who he was, and who everyone was. He had even asked my dad what he was doing there because he was supposed to be in Arizona. He is now stable and last I had heard he was sitting up eating some dinner. Now that is what I call tough. To go from death to eating dinner in a day is just something that I believe is out of our and the doctors hands. He just wasn't ready to go. I don't know if we are in the clear just yet but I do know that with  faith, prayer, and fasting miracles can and do happen! I am so thankful to have the knowledge of the gospel and knowing that we have our heavenly father watching over us at all times. That he does hear and answer our prayers. I'm sure my Grandpa is excited to be reunited with my Grandma again and to return to his heavenly father but I just don't think he was ready quite yet. He has a lot more fires to build, places to camp, and fish to catch before he is ready. We love you Grandpa and are so happy you have come back to us....




Saturday we had to chance to spend the day with
our good friends the Bates. We spent most of the
day taking pics of this little cutie..
Rylie is about 3 months older
than Molly, and one busy little girl...
But a cute one!



The many faces of love...



Dear Mr. Pig,
Thank you for cheering up my daughter today! She has been sick with a double ear infection and coughs so hard she throws up. But when she sees you life is good again, she holds you so tight and close to her heart. I tried to show her some other toys but she always goes back to you. So keep up the good work!