I can't decide what to be for Halloween! Ty had this costume from 5 years ago, im thinking of using it and going as Bella! She seems a little jelous..

Fall Time....

I finally get to update. Ty and I have been in our house for 3 weeks now, and we don't have internet, everything but ineternet. I thought I would be fine but it's alittle difficult. Life is good, we love being in our house! It has come together so fast. I will try and remember to take pictures and post them.
Last week we went up to Idaho and introduced Bella to the family. They loved her! It was such a relief to see how well she listens anywhere we go. She also did really good with the kids! We had our anual friend reunion. SO MUCH FUN! Every year my good friends from highschool and I get together. This year was the first FAMILY party. Everyone brought their husband, and their kids. Ty and I had a lot of fun, everyone has the most amazing families. Im so lucky to have kept in good contact with my friends. Although i have to admit, I can do better! Love you girls.
The family is doing good. Joe, Nichole, Bailee and Ella are still at mom and dad's anxiously awaiting their new house. Its looking good, i can't wait for them to get all moved in. Andrea, Brad, and Logan are just loving being back in Idaho. A summer in New York was long enough. Kim, Jesse, and Peyton are great too. He is the cuttest little baby. Ty's fam is great as well. We had a lot of fun lastnigth with Jen and Eric; dinner and a pumpkin carving contest. I won't say who's pumpkin is who, but ya'll have to vote on who's is the best... Mine!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween. I love this time of year, Christmas creeps up so fast.
Tyler and I will be celebrating our 2 years of meet in Halloween! Congrats to us!
There is also a picture of Bella in the backseat on the way home from Idaho, she was so tired. Such a good dog, she slept the whole time!