Growin up

Drew is growing up so fast, they are thinking he gets to go home next week.. Jen and Eric are so excited! It's crazy the obstacles he has overcome. Not to mention he is already a Jazz fan.





We Just got back from spending 4 wonderful days up in Idaho. We love going home to see the whole fam.. Everyone is doing so good, and everyone is so happy! I can't wait to start a family of my own..



I found this cute picture of Ann and I in Hawaii.. Love my sister (skinny sister)


Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day! We are headed up to Idaho for a 4 day weekend. SO EXCITED! Nothing to new except for that Kim and Jesse found out they are having a baby boy! YEA! And Drew (Ty's nephew) is doing so well, look at Jen and Eric's blog to see new pictures.. Oh so this is a picture of me and my roomate Nikki. I love her, oh and her friend Danika. Everyone thought we were tripletts.LOL