missing ty....

Thursday afternoon Tyler, Jesse, Joe and  my dad all headed up to the ranch. 2 days later
Tyler got his first deer! YEAH FOR TY! now let's just hope he dosen't decide he wants to move to Idaho and become a hunter :)


Second Annual Cook Pumpkin Carving Contest

Tyler's, mine, Britt's, Jenn's and Eric's
Ya mine is awesome!
Bella and Drew, the 2 grand kids.. ALL LOCKED UP


Friday night Tyler and I got together with some friends over at the Zurchers house.
We had fun games, good food, tasty treats, a good scare, and no better way to end a party then
at 3:00 a.m. We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with such fun/awesome people.
After a couple games, we got some unexpected company... a little mouse decided to join
the party. Within seconds there were 18 people up on chairs hiding from a mouse :)
Thanks for such a fun night everyone!

Dallas in his costume.. He scared Tyler (so funny!)

this was after I saw the mouse...



It has happened! I am finally excited for fall. After a short cold trip to Idaho I am ready for the cold. I'm actually going to dare say that i'm excited for winter. Actually I think i'm just excited for Christmas.. Its always a blast when we go home, we love to hang out with the fam. Tyler got to go shoot somes ducks with my dad and brother, while me, nichole, and my mom helped clean my grandmas house. Poor grammy just had a full knee replacement.. She is strong though!
We all gathered for a beautiful sunday dinner while enjoying great company and great words of wisdom from conference. I love conference. We had a suprise guest at dinner, my Grandpa Ferney has decided to get married. My Grandma passed away in January, we were all a little shocked to hear that he was getting married so quick, but after seeing them together it was a little easier to accept. It was fun seeing a couple of that age, so happy and in love. I'm happy that my dear Grandpa (who was so good to take care of my grandma that last couple years) can now enjoy life again and not be alone. We love you Grandpa and are very happy for you and  Nita.
As for the weather, I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Halloween is coming, then comes the icy roads..