Our Baby Girl

Say hello to baby girl Cook. She is growing bigger and stronger every day. This picture was taken at my 20 week appointment, there were a lot of cute pics but I decided to only use one. She is kicking and turing all day long in my belly and it's the greatest feeling ever! I am finally feeling better and LOVING food :).  I never thought I would get past the sickness and throwing up but it's amazing how much better I feel. The belly is growing!!! We have the crib, bedding, and names picked out. We are so excited for her to arrive, now if the next 4 months could just fly by.
It's fun being pregnant with my sister Andrea who is due THE SAME DAY as me. She found out she's having a little boy, who will just be best friends with our little girl. I never imagined how different I would feel while being pregnant, or the love I would have for the little one before she is even born.
Tyler and I have a lot planned for the next couple months so I will do better at updating. And maybe I will do a belly picture the next post.