Tonight was one of those nights I am happy to be me. I got to rock Molly to sleep and cuddle for a long time (which never happens). As I was rocking her I started to think how much I love my little family. Ty is gone hunting with the boys in my family for a week, and its just me and the girls. Its only been one night and I miss him already. I am happy to have some mommy/molly time, and having Ty gone helps me realize how much he really means to me. When he gets back i'm sure he'll have some great stories and pics that I will post.
                                                 don't mind the facial hair it is for the hunt :)


fall is here and we are loving the weather! the last month has flown by. we traveled up to idaho to spend some more time with family, ty went on a "boys harley trip" to jackson, now he is getting ready to go on a week long hunting trip with the boys in my family. its not fun having him gone, but i'm glad he's having fun. molly is growing up so fast the last couple months. she is no longer my little baby. she wants to pee on the potty, feed herself, dress herself, pick out her clothes, and just be a big girl. she has discovered "pretties" "purses" "dancing" and "shopping", her passions in life :). there isn't a dull minute with her she is always on the go and making us laugh. i have been horrible about taking pictures and updating. so here are a few of my favorites from the last month.
just got done playing in the sand
playing with rylie bates
finding rocks
"molly" face, drool and all
Gardner village with cousins
not a fan of the witch
Happy Fall!