Think Pink...

~We're having a girl~


these are a few of my favorite things.....

Nothing tastes better than a box of nerds


Hawaii with my hubby!

Lake Powell


Our families
Good friends 
Good food
Knowing my baby is growing healthy and strong

So many things, I could go on and on!



I am now just over 13 weeks and feeling better each day. I was actually starting to think this pregnancy stuff wasn't so bad... Until I woke up this morning. I woke up with the worst pain in my side, I wasn't sure what it was. Made some calls decided maybe gas, or kidney infection. Me being the stubborn person I am I went to school thinking it would maybe go away. NOPE within 30 minutes I was driving myself to the Hospital, pulled over to throw up and pass out. Tyler had to come and pick me up :) I have the best hubby ever.... After a 10 min drive that felt like 60 we made it to the hospital where I was admited, tested, and diagnosed with KIDNEY STONES w/ KIDNEY INFECTIONS. Talk about a rough day. The baby is ok, it was actually just hanging out sucking its thumb during the ultra sound. We also think I passed one or part of a stone while in the hospital. The pain is better, I am home just anxiously waiting for the pain to get worse or it to go away. The things we do for kids...
Long story short I feel better and can't wait to get the next 6 months out of the way and have the little bundle of joy in my arms.. Ty and I will find out soon what we are having; and maybe then will I post a belly picture. Let's hope and pray I make it through the night in peace :)