Lake Powell & Molly Turns 2

 Be prepared for picture overload! We just got back from our favorite trip of the summer, POWELL! Came home to celebrate my little babes birthday. We were traveling saturday the day of her birthday plus she had a fever for 3 days. By Monday she was feeling a little better, well enough to have a little "tangled" birthday party! I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY IS 2!! Someone freeze time for me please!
The "scooter"
Molly, Ruby, Pey pey, and Livie (cousins)
So proud of herself on her first ski!
Helping with baby Ivy
 BIG 2 Year OLD
everything was Tangled or Dora'
they do everything together!
Can always count on a good time with the amazing friends and family that we have!
Thanks everyone for being a part of ours and Molly's life!



Wow, what a start to a wonderful summer! We have been having a lot of fun and going non stop since the beg of June. Its hard getting behind on the blog I have so many fun memories and picts its hard sorting through them. The summer started out with Cousin Camp down at the Harkers in St. George. It was fun, crazy, hot, tiring, and just great to be with all my siblings, mom and kids.

After a awesome week at Cousin Camp we were able to come home and regroup for a week before we headed up to Idaho to spend some more time with my family. My dad was in 2 rodeos while we were there one in Driggs and another up in Jackson. Molly loved the rodeos and horses! She has found her new love in life!

Came home had a couple more days, watched the huge alpine fire, and started the fun Taylor family reunion! 4th of July :) Oh and of course we would like to introduce and welcome the newest addition Ivy Kaye Towner (jenn and erics new baby) 


We leave to Lake Powell monday and we are sooo ready and so very excited! Pictures from that adventure will be here shortly.



 My mom is a woman of courage and strength, love, forgiveness, and a drive to succeeded in everything and a want to please everyone! She has been a rock for our family through the hard times and the good, she is the one to keep her head up and keep going. She grew up with 4 tough brothers and a Greek mother so I don't question where she gets her strength from. :) In her life so far she has lost 2 of those brothers, and a sister in law. I can't imagine losing even one sibling!  I also know that she gets her strength from the lord. My mom has always taught and been a great example of turning to the lord and relying on him for strength. She has shown her children how to love, how to put your family first, how no matter what happens she loves us, she supports us, and she is there for us.  There were times that I didn't always agree with her, I didn't understand why, now looking back on those times and having my own daughter; I get it! I get WHY I understand that every time I hurt she hurt too. Every break up I had she had too, every time I moved (we all know that was A LOT) she was worried hoping that I was going to be ok.  Your amazing mom!
She is the worlds best grandma! As you can tell by the pictures, she is always surrounded by her grand kids. They love her! Molly has had a special relationship with her Nana since she was born, my mom was her to welcome Molly to this earth and then spent the next week with us making sure we were ok.  Having her here that week meant the world to me! She only had a 3-4 day break from staying with Andrea after she had Austin. But she was energized, excited, and more than willing to come and take care of my family for a week.
 Mom, you have taught me many lessons in my life and I know you will teach me many more. For that I thank you. Thank you for being my mom and my friend. LOVE YOU



Today I want to highlight some more amazing mothers in my life. MY SISTERS. I will start with Nichole, since I can remember she has wanted to be a mom. Always trying to be the mom of Andrea, Me and Jesse.  She is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, going to school, working, and being a wife are all things she has been able to do while being a mom. She has a drive in her to succeed  that is why she is successful in everything does. Nichole gives her 100% in everything all the time. She has 3 beautiful girls that she loves dearly. She is so loving and tries so hard to make sure her family is loved and taken care of. One of the qualities that Nichole has the sticks out to me is her ability to always be happy! If I were to live her life for one day I think I would be so stressed out I would shut down between work, patients, Baliee's school, softball, soccer, ELLA (that's all i have to say), a busy busy one year old, and a husband who is gone a lot LONG HOURS (he's a farmer). But she does, and she does it with a big smile on her face. There is nothing Nichole can't take on. I love ya sis!
Andrea is next, now she is another special mother that has experienced more trials then a typical 30 year old has. After her first son was born 7 years ago she started experiencing a lot of pain in her hips and sacrum. There was a point that she had to be in a wheel chair if we went anywhere; she got to the point of feeling good and was able to have a second son. After Austin was born the pain all came back but stronger. Long story short Andrea has been through a lot but again it's nothing a sister of mine can't handle. She has a spirit about her that is so loving and kind, when she meets someone she will ask about 100 get to know you questions. People often ask if it's real or is she just is just "b.s.ing" with them. It is 100% real she cares so much about that person the second she meets them. She ask the questions to get to know that person so she can figure out what she can do for them. Even at her hardest times of life, not being able to pick up her baby, or clean her house, she was still taking care of at least 4 other families and who knows how many other people. She is on caring person.  Her and I have not always got along until the last 10 year and even then we have our moments. But Andrea has taught me a lot about myself and how to learn from my mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude. To always THINK POSITIVE, and turn to the lord when I feel alone or hopeless.  It is so hard to try to find words to describe all these people in the right way, I know that if you have met any of these women you know what i'm talking about ;)! It is hard living 4 hours away from my sisters, its not far, but its not close enough. I love them so much and am lucky to have 2 best friends I can always rely on. Thank you both for showing me how to be a good mom, wife, and a good person. LOVE YA!



Since Mother's Day is this Sunday I have decided to give tribute to a couple of special mothers in my life. I don't know how I lucked out on marrying into such an amazing family; but I did. Everything about "the in-laws" is awesome. It's hard for me to even say in-laws they are my family.  Today I will start  with Leslie (tys mom). There is a lot i can type, and share but I know nothing will show justice of how SPECIAL of a women she truly is. About 3 months ago we were all a little shocked to find out what we thought was a typical hysterectomy, turned into the discovery of cervical cancer (adinocarcinoma). Needless to say the last couple months have been tough emotionally, and physically for her and the family. 2 weeks ago she started her intense treatments of Chemo and radiation, she still has 4 left. If she would have never shared this information with us, we honestly may have never known because of the strength she has shown. She shows no mercy :). During conference there was a talk given about when trials and hardships come its gods way of "refining" people. If this is his way of refining Les, then I am in need for some major remodeling. I feel like Cancer has a tendency to define a person or their character in some way, but not with her. Leslie is a trooper through and through and will fight this fight with all she has. There could not be a person (i feel) more spiritually or mentally prepared for something like this than Leslie. If only we could all deal with our trials and hard times with a positive attitude like her.
The day I met her I could feel the love in her heart she has for her family and everyone she meets. She is a person you can't get enough of, a person you continually want to be around, she makes me a better person every time I am around her. She has spent her life raising and loving her family in the most "Christ like" way and in her spare time she is serving, serving, and serving more people. She has served me and helped me out in so many ways, ways that have change my life forever. I love her, I thank my heavenly father everyday for her, for her example, for her love, for showing me what it truly means to SERVE with love. Thank you for all you do Les. Thank you for loving me, ty, and our precious angel. Who by the way LOVES her "Gram" and asks to go to her house every single day. It's not an easy thing to be a Mother, but it is when you have lots of great examples around you to learn from!