So my in-laws are trying to sale there timeshare on their awesome houseboat! Ty are I are helping by advertising for them! So if anyone is interested or has questions, please contact me!!!!



Yesterday Natalie had her second beautiful baby! She was born around 5:30 a.m, Im sure she will post all about it, but I thought I'd help her out and show a cute picture. She still did not have a name when I left, but Im pretty sure I know what she went with. She is such a doll, so stinkin cute. A mix between Jessica and Chris.. HAHA
Congrats Nat, I love you so much!
My trip hope was great, being with the family couldn't have been better. I always love it. I got to spend a day with Grandpa and had the most amazing talks, and experiences with him. We went through her jewelry and shoes splitting it up amongst ourselves.She has amazing jewelry! After leaving grandpa's house, I had something happen to me I never thought would happen. To make a long crazy, scary story short, I got in a accident and im lucky to be alive. I now truly believe in guardian angles! Thanks Gram:)!
We had a fun date night with all the siblings, spouses, and the Genta's what a great combo! Wonderful people, and a wonderful movie! Nothing better than going home!
The pics of me and Ella are also a little inheritance that I received.



This morning my family lost a loving member of our family. My Grandma passed away today, a little unexpected. Either way its not easy. She was one amzaing woman, who never left the house without looking like a million bucks and a smile on her face. Jacquie Ferney was a beautiful woman with class, style, and a great love for her family. It's been fun thinking back of all the memories we had with her, from braiding our hair and singing songs, rubbing us in our beds to help us warm up, to holding her hand, rubbing her back, and helping her out. I wasn't able to say good bye, but maybe its easier not seeing her in bad condition. My sweet sister Andrea was able to be with her as she passed, no suffering, just an easy transition.Im anxiously awaiting to go home and be with my family tomorrow.It hasn't been easy not being there. Funerals are not a fun thing to go home to, but it does help you gain a better prespective on life and the blessing we do have. Im so thankful for the knowledge I have of the gospel and know that Grandma is in a better place, and eating all the chocolate cake she wants:) (she was diabetic) I have a wonderful family, that I couldn't love more. Im so thankful for all of you! If there is one thing that I will carry on from my Grandma it will be her famous saying "Oh Shit!" Those were her favorite two words. Love you Grams....



Last night was one of the greatest nights in Utah Football history! They won the Sugar Bowl! We are very proud to be UTES fans, Tyler couldn't be more thrilled. It was a fun game to watch, and I don't even enjoy football that much. We went to Holt's house to watch the game, Me, Jenna, and Natalie sportin our colors!
Our New Years was another great time, new memories with good friends. We even got cute hats.