Another year

It's almost 2009 can you believe it?!?! I have to admit that this was a good year, one of the best. I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a great one too, Tyler and I have our goals set, our plans for the year, lets just hope it all follows through. :)
Some things to look forward to in 2009.. February- Celine Dion with my sister (ty and brad surprised us) March- Hawaii for 10 days April- I turn 26, June- school is out for the summer! It will be a good year.
We had a wonderful Christmas with Ty's family; getting together will all of the Taylors. We missed some people though Steph Boyd and fam, Tiff David and the fam! We miss and love you. Hopefully we will see you this summer. Christmas night we ended up staying over at the Cooks because the road to our house was closed. That blizzard was fantastic! I love winter storms.. as long as I don't have to drive in them. Well we wish everyone a safe New Years! Hopefully the weather lets everyone do as they planned..

Bella's first Christmas with us, and man does she love the snow!


A Ferney Family Christmas

Tyler and I just got back from Idaho, where we celebrated Christmas early with the family. We had our extended family party Saturday night with lots of cousins, and cousins children. It was cute the great grand-kids all dressed up for the nativity scene. Then of course we sang our songs, Jesse sang a beautiful song too. Sunday was our family party, it was so fun. I love that our family is so close to each other. My sisters and brothers are just fabulous i love them all so much. We have fun when we get together. The kids love it too, they are funny to watch all together, even little Peyton wants to jump in and play with the big kids.
We had a chance to see Nichole and Joe's new house, its about 2 months away from move in time, and it looks great! They are spoiled, there house is awesome. It was sad to leave my first Christmas away from home, leaving my nieces and nephews is always hard. Leaving my sis, bros, and parents is just as hard. It's a good thing i get up to Idaho at least every other month! :) The drive home was scary. The roads were pretty bad with all the snow, ice, and wind. We made a stop in Kasville where I got to see my uncle Rick (Maddy and Casey's dad). It was good to see him back in his home, but rough when you see a family member in such need and desperate for love. We all love him so much, and pray things can get better! I have never felt such a strong hug as i did from him that day.. Back to happy things, I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season! Christmas is such a wonderful time, I wish these feelings stayed all year. Be safe! Merry Christmas!
A night with the Cooks at Temple Square


Weird Animals!

Tyler and I have had our fair share of helping animals this year! Although we couldn't be happier with our baby Bella. As you can tell (we blog a lot about her) that's what happens when you don't have kids. The picture is so funny, you can see that she really pouts when she doesn't get her way. She was so mad that she had to pose with a hat and bells. But she looked so cute!
Then last week I come home from work and Tyler tells me that there is some animal out on our porch. Me being the animal lover I head out there and find a scared, cold ferret. So I get the dog kennel and slowly convince it to go in. I bring it inside, give it water and food. Long story, im going door to door trying to find out who has lost their pet. No one claims it so the next morning Ty and I took it into the Animal Shelter. They could not believe it, they start questioning us about if we touched it, if it bit us, if the dog touched it. Then they tell us its a mink, and minks carry diseases and rabies. NICE! Good thing it didn't bite me. I thought it was cute and wanted to hold it. So that was that. We can't wait to see what happens next....


The Cooks

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Happy Holidays!

Tyler and I just had the best 5 days up in Idaho! It started with Thanksgiving, spending time with family, eating awesome food, and seeing a cousin I haven't seen in 6 years. On Friday I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Peyton while Ty went on a horse ride with my dad. Dad always seems to keep Ty busy up there.Saturday was Bailee's 6th birthday, I can't believe it. She has grown up so fast. I told her before we know it she is going to turn in to Hannah Montana. Yes she is in love with her, in fact everything she got for her birthday had to do with her. We went bowling for her party, she is an awesome bowler. My mom had even bought the kids a bowling game at the house for the kids to practice at. We have a lot of fun when we get together, we even had a poker night and MOM WON EVERYONE! It was also our first Thanksgiving with Maddy and Casey living in Idaho (our cousins). Long story short, my aunt died and my uncle is in jail. So Andrea and Brad are wonderful and asked Maddy to live with them, and Casey lives with my uncle Roger but spends most his time at Ann and Brads. It was fun to have them around more, they are wonderful kids (teenagers) who have been through so much!
That concluded our exciting vacation. Or so i thought, on the way home we had to stop by my uncles house and pick up the dog who had been living there by herself for a couple months, with the neighbor feeding her every day. The poor thing was so sick, we took her to the vet, and that was the end for Dutches. We had to have her put to sleep, it was probably one of the hardest things I have done. My aunt loved that dog, and the kids did too. The hardest part was letting the kids know about it, they handled it well. But it still broke my heart. After that I was ready for another vacation, but back to work we went.
I just realized this is the longest blog ever... Sorry. Needless to say it was a great vacation and hope everyone's was great too!
Bella had fun too, Ella just loves her, she even rubbed her to sleep!