New Additon!

So my baby brother has a son.. SO crazy, but this morning at 5:30 baby Peyton was born. Kim, Jesse, and baby are all doing great! I unfortunalty had to go back to work today and don't get to enjoy the new addition until Friday, but im just so so excited. Kim and Jesse im so happy and excited for you! I can't wait to spoil the little guy.. Love ya!



The greatest thing ever (next to being a mom)! These are my precious nieces. They are so beautiful, im a little worried my kids will have a lot to live up to..



SCHOOL IS OUT! Yesterday was my last day. Well for a week,im teaching summer school. It was hard to say good bye to my kids, I get so close with them. I even had some of them crying with me. I love my job :). Now I have a whole week to do what I please. I do have to do a couple wedding things like meet with the caterer (hmm) design my cake, get shoes, register, and help Tyler with our living situation. We are planning on moving to Lehi, we just aren't sure if we wil buy a house or a town home.
We have our annoncements ordered and on their way (i love them) now all thats left is addressing and waiting. 62 days left, and im so anxious! Hope everyone can make it! Im so lukcy to have my mom helping me. It wouldn't be as easy as its been without her, Thanks mom! I love you..



I stole this pics from my sisters blog. But I couldn't resist, they were too cute. One weekend when i was home we had a girls (and Logan) day at the wonderful Idaho Falls Zoo. And yes that is Andrea in a wheel chair (long story) but she is doing a little better. So i also posted a picuter of Ella, you can't help but smile when you see her face! I wish I could see them every day!