Cach up

I cannot believe how much time has gone by since my last post. There is so much I want to catch up on but just not enough time to type and upload, so we will start at Christmas. This year was our year to stay in Utah with Tyler's side of the family, it was a special year having his mom gone through what she had the last year. Now she is healthy, happy, and in remission! Tyler and I loved waking up Christmas morning and watching Molly open her presents, the joy of just watching her open, smile, laugh, and open more presents was AWESOME! Best feeling in the world is watching your childs face glow with excitement.  We spent the rest of the day with the family, and the rest of the week being lazy cuddled up inside!

This past year has flown by so fast, my little girl is growing up I get to register her for school this week. Talk about weird, I remember when I was pregnant thinking how far away it was for me to sign her up for preschool, and now its here!
Molly is soo ready to go, she loves learning! She always has, she wants to read and write like a big kid right now.  It's a challenge keeping up with her. Her personality is awesome, she wants to preform every chance she gets weather its singing or dancing. She loves to make people happy, and her spirit just glows every time I look at her. She really has been the perfect child, sometimes I think we are too lucky and the next one is not going to be near as easy.
Tyler and I were able to go on a get away in December. We went to vegas to the National Finals Rodeo and it was a blast! So nice to be alone with him and fall "back in love" with him. I always love him, but being away from "mommy" me and really concentrating on US was so nice. I am a very lucky girl to have found such an amazing partner!
We have been trying for a second for a while now and things just don't always go as planned or as easy as I had planned. Along the way we also decided to try and fix my back problems, so far no luck with either. This year has be a trying one for us, me, but it has made me stronger and rely more on my faith. Knowing I am never alone, my father in heaven is with me every step of they way has brought me a lot of comfort in times of need.
I can't say it enough how thankful I am for my little family, Tyler and Molly are my world. They bring a smile to my face every morning.. I never knew being a mom/wife would bring so much joy.
My goal for this year is to be much better at blogging and then getting it printed off. With instagram I feel like i document everything I need to but the emotions I am feeling just aren't there with the pics. And im horrible at keeping a journal, so this is my only chance. This is my year :)