Memorial Weekend

Over memorial weekend Tyler and I had the opportunity to drive 8 hours over to my dads ranch (which is just lots and lots of land). We met up with the fam, with exception of the Harkers who we missed! It was beautiful out there, no one for miles just us and the bears, deer, elk, coyotes, wolves,rattle snakes, fish, and bugs! Tyler and I even sent up a tent and slept in that, Bella wasn't too fond of it the first night she wanted to sleep on my cot with me. By the last night she was shivering, exhausted and ready to go home! We went on 4 wheeler rides, fishing, hikes, and enjoyed just being outdoors with my family. It was nice to come home, but always hard to say good bye to my family. We are lucky to have such wonderful families who live so close to us. Thanks mom and dad for such a fun weekend!

Ty trying to shoot a bow

Bella ready to go home....



As you all know Ty and I love the warm weather! I am now counting down the days till summer officially starts for me! This summer is going to be awesome, I'm actually not working and going to enjoy every minute it. It's already started out great; we have had campfires, barbecues, cabin trips, and boating of course. Tyler and I decided we are also going to try and finish our basement as one of our projects. As a personal project for myself, I am going to keep "beading"! My friend and I have learned how to make the bumbles watches, we have so much fun doing it. So if anyone wants one just let me know the colors and I will make it for a lot cheaper then the name brand ones.
4 more weeks! Oh baby...........


It's about time!

Yesterday was a great day! We took out the boat for the first time of the year, and what a great day.. We even got in the water. I will admit it took my breath away and I screamed like a little girl when I fell in, but it's all worth it. We have so much fun just sitting on the boat chillin, listening to music, enjoying each others company. Now we are just excited for summer to arrive.