Fall is here!

The last month has just flown by. I can't believe Christmas is so close. 
A lot has happened the last month. We will start with the boys trip, my dad took all the guys
minus Joe (he was digging potatoes) up to the ranch for a hunt. In order to go on the hunt
you had to grow a beard and I wasn't too fond of that idea. 
Here is what they looked like after the growing process. 
 Ty in his hunting gear
Jesse with his game face
My Dad

Brad and Dad
They had a great time, and I'm very proud of my hubby he came home with the largest buck
this year. He will never win biggest beard!
While he was hunting I went up and stayed in Idaho with my mom and sister.
I love being able to go home and see them and Molly loves to spend time with 
her grandma.
This last week we lost a dear sweet woman! Tyler's grandma passed away.
Betty you will be missed, and remembered every time we do a little dance!
Love you Grandma

Now for some Molly updates. She is 16 weeks and growing like a week.
She loves to sit up in her bumbo and talk and drool at her flower rattle.
She is laughing and giggling a lot more and happy most of the time unless
she realizes that mom is not around. She has kinda turned into a mommas girl.
She loves to fall asleep with the blanket over her face and her hand holding tight to 
my hair. If my hair isn't there if will find something to grab.
Molly loves morning time, every morning she wakes up with a big
grin on her face and those bright big eyes staring up at us.
I can't believe how fast she is growing up. But still loving every moment with her.

Molly with her Great Grandma and Grandpa "Lacy"
(Taylor, but they are know for their dog lacy)
My beautiful butterfly. YES that's right my child is a butterfly. For those
of you who don't know I am deathly afraid of butterflies.
But not this one, all I want to do to this one is kiss her kissable
cheeks all day long!



 I never imagined being a mom could make me this happy!
I stare all day into those huge eyes of hers and can't believe that i'm that lucky
to be her mommy! I love you baby girl xoxo


Molly's First Cabin Trip
Look at those cheeks! (her's not mine :)
Molly and Hallie just hangin in their pj's (4 weeks apart)
Cousin Drew Boy saying "cheese"
We had so much fun up at the cabin in Sundance with the family. It was nice and 
relaxing to watch conference up there as well as enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
When we got home Tyler, Molly and I were just hangin out on the couch watching
Molly drool away so we put a burp cloth up to her and she thought it was pretty funny!
We were also trying to block her from sucking on her fists her new favorite thing.
She got one!

Thanks for making life so great Molly!