Drew's News!

I'm sure you have all looked at Drew's blog, and seen his progress and long journey through the last 6 months. Well here is a recent picture of him Jen and Eric. He is growing so fast, and he is doing great! Read the blog for more descriptive updates! Sorrry Jen I had to steal the pics.WE LOVE YOU DREW!


I just wanted to give a thanks to these girls! They are great, I'm lucky to have met such awesome friends when I moved here! LOVE YA!

I have all kinds of wonderful friends, highschool, college, Arizona, friends all over. I want everyone to know that you have all touched my life in one way or another. So many wonderful memories.. Thanks everyone! xoxox


Home Again!

Another wonderful weekend in Idaho! We went home again to pick out our engagement pictures and announcement, and of course to watch Bailee's awesome dance recital! It was a lot of fun. Saturday after Bailee's recital we had a fire at my parents house with the fam. Tinfoil dinner, marshmallows, the works! So much fun! I really do have the best family ever! Love you guys..



I hate being sick. I have had the worst cough and cold ever.. I woke up to try and make it to work, it felt as though my head was going to explode every time I coughed. So here I am, playing with my blog all day trying to figure out stuff, changing the background. Now im just done, its kinda boring. But I think I played around so much that i don't even care anymore.. LOL from now on I am taking vitamins every day!



What a great weekend! First of all Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers. Mom I love you so much, thank you for everthing. Thank you for raising me and teaching me the way you did! And as for my Mother-in-law, Les thank you! You do so much for us, I look forward to every Sunday dinner, and spending time with you and the whole fam. Thank you for rasing such a wonderful son. Love ya!
So Ty and I started our weekend out with a Bee's game on thursday. We went with a bunch of friends. Its so nice to have such a great group of friends. It was hard at first getting used to so many guys all the time. Tyler has a really large group of single friends. But now i just feel lucky, like I have gained 15 older brothers. I love them! Jamie and Drexton came, it was a lot of fun! Then Friday, girls prepare yourself. I got to go to the PLAYOFF game! 19th row seats lower bowl, so great. I got to listen to David Archuletta he did so great, and the night just got better when the Jazz won! GO JAZZ! Saturday; another Bee's game. Ty loves all and any kind of sports, So do I though, Honestly a hot dog at a baseball game. YUM! Well I hope everyone had a great weekend too!


Home Sweet Home

Tyler and I just got back from Idaho. We had a lot of fun getting our engagement pictures done! And of course spending time outside with the animals. For those of you who don't know, my dad is big into Team Roping, so we have stear at my house.. They love pics! Tyler also thinks he will become a team roper..

Then there is me and the cows, the tractor, the dog.. You can take a girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl!


More Plans.

So here is a picture of Red Butte Gardens (where we are having the wedding/reception) You can't even tell how pretty it is, but I am in love with it, it's so amazing up there!. And the other picture is of me linens... :) I love planning my wedding...

Wedding Plans

So I have almost everything done but the cake... I have some pics and need some advice. So vote. My colors are pink and orange (yellow accents) and I want to do a little adjusments on them.. So here they are