Summer is here and our busy time has arrived.  We usually spend our summer outside, by the pool, on the boat, in lake Powell, and making as many trips to Idaho as possible.
This summer started out with Molly having a lot of teeth work done! Thank heavens for her doctor who took such great care of her and did a wonderful job with her teeth! She did great too, she was so brave. Just had a rough time coming out of the anesthesia. But as soon as I held her in my arms and started to sing our song, she calmed down. After a few days all she wanted was to go to Idaho, so of course we did!
 Papa surprised her with a pink dora fish tank!

Molly and Kate are inseparable when we are up there, she also discovered her knew love for horses!

Life with Molly Jane


Time for another update, I did so well for about a month and then I skipped two. Here's what we've been up to lately...
We have been spending a lot of time with family.  Hanging out in Idaho, St. George, or even up at Grammy's house. I love every second I spend with our little family

We headed to St. George for Logan's baptism. Ty wasn't able to come, but Molly had a lot of fun with her cousins. Molly, Austin, and Kate are the cutest little friends..

Drew's Spring Program

This little girl melts my heart every day. How did I get so lucky?