Today was a day I hope I will never have to repeat. Molly and I were doing our usual Friday morning things which consist of cleaning the house, lounging, laundry, and just playing. I started to vacuum and Molly was sitting on the couch watching Toy Story. As I got closer to the couch Molly got up on all fours and said, "momma vacuum." The next thing I knew she was on the floor screaming. I picked her up and her whole entire face was BLOOD.... I wanted to die it scared me sooo bad. I noticed it all coming out of her head. I went into panic mode and I started to cry. The blood was coming out so fast and there was so much of it. After ten minutes, a half bag of wipes, and lots of blood later I managed to gather myself and her and head to the doctors office. Sure enough my worst fear, she needed stitches or staples. I said no way on the staples and she ended up with 3 stitches in her pretty little head. She did fairly well, I was a mess when they asked me to hold her down while they stitched. I felt so bad the whole entire time and I still do! Who would have thought a vacuum could cause that much damage. She only fell about a foot, but hit the right spot. After we left the doctors office she kept pointing to her head saying "owie". I know accidents can't always be prevented I just pray I will never have to do it again with a baby. Love you Molly Jane, you were a brave little princess today!