I have to pay a tribute to my nephews now, Drew got his blog, Bailee and Ella had their spotlight, now it's Logan and Peyton's turn. Oh man i can't even imagine what it's going to be like when we have kids of our own... This last weekend Andrea, Brad, Logan, Jesse, Kim, and Peyton were all here. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone and have them to our house. Saturday night we all just hung out, Logan and I got our time together. We have so much fun together, he is an adorable little boy. Peyton was awesome too, he is the best baby! I'm praying my kids are as well behaved as my siblings kids. Bella had fun too, her and Logan just wear each other out; too bad he is allergic. Thank heavens for benadryll.. This is the week to really be thankful for the things we have. We are thankful for so many things, but especially our families! I am thankful for my wonderful husband, he understands me more than I understand myself. Thank you Bus for everything!!! xoxoxox


My Nieces!

Bailee and Ella... Could these girls get more beautiful?!?!?! Nic, sorry I had to steal the pics they were just too cute!


Happy Birthday Drew Boy!

Sunday was a wonderful day, Drew boy turned one! Most of you know the miracle story of Drew. Here it is a year later and he is just the cuttest, happiest little boy ever. It was a fun party Drew got lots of presents of course. He loved his cake, he dove right in. Then after the party Eric and Ty got a little out of control sucking helium and singing "Spongebob Square Pants"... DON"T ASK! We love Drew so much, he brings a lot of happiness to the family. Not to forget his amazing parents who are wonderful examples to us.. We love you Drew, Jen, and Eric...


Before and After

The house is slowly coming together. There is a pic of the kitchen before and now, it's still a work in progress but coming a long. You can also so how little cupboard space up above I have. Thank goodness for a large pantry! Our guess bathroom is all the way done too. No pics of our master bath or bed yet. They will be the last to get done.

And of course Ty and Bella playin around, she doesn't pose well for pictures!


Winter is here.

It finally happened! We have a new president, we had our first winter storm, and I got transfered to Traverse Mountain! FUN new things all in one day. I have been waiting for a position to open up over at the new beautiful Challenger over by our house in Traverse Mountain and it finally did! No more commuting to Salt Lake, or getting up at 5:45!!! YEAH! Today was my first day and it was a blizzard, parents couldn't get to the school, half the students didn't come, it was a mess. But fun! There was a lot of snow, and wind. The wind out there makes it super cold! It is offical that winter is here.
Last week my mom and dad came down and spent the weekend with us at our house. It was fun to have them at OUR house, and feed them, do something for them for once. :) They have been so good to Tyler and I, we were so happy to have them at our house. Mom and I went shopping the next day and had a BLAST to say the least. I'm usually not that big into shopping, but with my mom its always a good time. I also have an a announcement to make; I started reading "Twilight" yes it is good, yes i CAN put it down. I enjoy it, but now I have history books, english, grammar, and science books to read. Im teaching 4th grade for tomorrow and friday. It's crazy how smart they are and how much I have forgot. It's a good challenge for me.
Tyler and I are hoping to get internet on friday so i will be able to update more! For now, everyone enjoy every warm minute left of fall!!