Molly is getting so big! We went to the doctor today and she now weighs 11 lbs. My little penut is growing...
We have had a great month she is one happy girl. She is now sleeping through the night and wakes up in the morning with smiles and giggles. She loves to just sit and talk she thinks everything her mommy and daddy say is funny. She has also turned into a momma's girl which is completely fine with me.
We recently got back from St. George we went down for her cousins Austin's blessing. Austin is the cutest little guy he laughs and smiles a whole lot. Molly loves to spend time with him. She also got to spend a lot of time with her Grandma and Crapa (Grandpa) Ferney. She went swimming for the first time and loved it. Tyler and I are enjoying parenting it really is the deffinition of happiness. Having a family is more wonderful then I ever would have imagined it to be. 
Tyler is keeping busy with work, softball, gaming :), and spending time with his girls. I am working 6 hours a week and subbing when I can. It's nice to spend time at home with Molly.
Molly and Austin swimming in the hot tub
 Happy Boy!
Logan helping me make dessert
Brand and Andrea happy parents of 2 adorable boys
Thanks for a good weekend sis



Daddy your so funny!
 Molly was so cute today talking with her daddy before church...
This picture is too funny, she looks so grown up!
She wasn't sure if it was funny or sad


All because two people fell in LOVE!
Love my family!




Labor Day Weekend

What a great week it was! Tyler, Molly and I just got back from our first Powell trip as a family. It was a blast like it always is. A little different with Molly, playing isn't as easy when I had to keep drying off to nurse. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the lake was glass until Friday (the day we left). When we arrived home friday night we were greeted by the Ferney side of the family. They had all come down for the weekend for Molly's blessing (expect Jesse, Kim and Peyt) we missed you! It was a lot of fun to once again be surrounded by both of our families and to feel the love they have for us and for Molly.
The blessing was fabulous Tyler did an amazing job! And Molly was an angel the whole time during the blessing, she didn't make a peep :). Thanks everyone for coming we are so happy to have shared that day with a lot of family and friends. Molly is one loved little girl. She looked so beautiful in her blessing dress that her Great-Grandma Raymond had picked out for her and her blessing blanket that Great-Grandma Lacy made for her.

I didn't do the best job at taking pictures in Lake Powell, and little Molly never wanted out of her chair. She loves her chair!
Molly slept so good down in one of the bedrooms on the boat!
Ty was getting a little burnt and decided to swim in his shirt :)
Baby Hallie who was born 4 weeks after Molly and 4 weeks early. She is our little peanut!
(Jenn and Eric's little girl)