Life is crazy, but wonderful! Lastnight I went and helped a friend in need. Problems with an ex-husband its was a MESS to say the least. It put me in check, it helped me realize how blessed I am for the life, family, people, my job, everything I have. Not that i ever complain, but sometimes you forget how great your life really is.. I have the greatest family, they have all set such great examples for me. My sisters are my best friends, my brothers are there for anything and everything, and my parents. Where do I begin, words can't describe how great they are.
My job, oh how I love my job. People always ask how I manage to deal with Kindergartners all day long. If they only knew how rewarding it is to teach children. They love everything I do, from spelling words wrong (lol), to doing a silly cheer or dance for them because they did good. Not many people get to go and dance, play, and laugh all day at work. I do work; I work hard! But I love it!!
Then there is Ty, we have been together a year and a half. I still get the butterflies every time I see him. But those who are married or in love know how that goes. I just wanted to express my feelings of gratitude and happiness! Thanks for being a part of my life!



So about a week ago Jen got to hold Drew for the first time.. But once He is in her arms she has to hold really still because of all his tubes, and well he is so delicate still. I just love this picture, she looks beautiful! If you want to see more updates on Drew click on Jen and Eric at the bottome of my page! Love YOU TOWNERS!