Part 2

We just returned from another AWESOME trip to powell. This trip was with the Taylor side. We had about 35 out of 40 people there! It was a lot of fun, we missed those who could make it. I will have to post some videos we got of grandparents going down the slide and about 17 people going head first down in about 15 seconds. Lots of fun, food, sun, laughing,double sliding (mandi) and hardly any sleep! That's the way it should be! Thanks everyone for all the awesome memories and thanks Grandma and Grandpa for everything we will never forget Lake Powell 2009!... Love you all.


Tyler Cook

Happy Birthday Ty!

On July 22, an amazing thing happened.. My husband was born. Tyler John Cook is wonderful, caring, loving, sweet, sexy, handsome, positive man. . I have never met anyone with a attitude like his. Nothing gets himdown, he is always happy and looking for the best in everyone and every situation.
I love my husband so much and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. I know he will be a great Dad and that we will have a happy life together.
Bus, thank you for everything! I love you babe...
For Ty's birthday I took him up to Park City for a surprise weekend. We had a lot of fun at the park riding rides, watching people, and just being together. We had to celebrate this weekend because we leave to Lake Powell the day before his birthday.




My quick trip home to IDAHO....

I played with my nieces, this is Ella the cuttest 2 year old ever.
She's my little monkey.

This is Bailee, she is 6 and growing so fast I can't believe it!
We had a great time, building forts, singing, and just being

Dad and Payton(who just turned ONE!), he loves his grandpa!
My brother Jesse beating up his wife Kim.
Peyton is their cute son..
The last night we all got together at my parents house for a
nice fire (in the fire pit) and tinfoil dinners. Thanks Dad they were
yummy! I LOVE going home but the trip is never long enough.