Tyler, Molly, and I just got back from a quick trip to St. George. It was a fun and successful trip :) We always have fun when we stay at the Harker's home. Molly loves playing with her cousins, Logan is so great with her, and Austin keeps her on her toes. That little guy can run, ride, and scoot faster than most children his age... The weather was fairly nice we were able to be outside a little we even warmed up the pool and swam one day. Then the weather turned on us and it was CHILLY! It was really nice just hanging out not doing anything but spending time together! Thanks Harkers for a great weekend.
Lunch Time
 Waiting for the pool to warm up
Wagon Ride
Happy Kids
My loves! (dont mind the no makeup)


18 Months Old
I cannot believe that our little girl is already that old. It's crazy how fast time flies. She is such a happy little girl that brings sooo much joy to our family. I always ask myself what I did for entertainment before she came along. Molly is always on the go, wanting to "help" "clean em up", explore, crawl in her tent, feed change and put her babies to bed, dance, and of course be mommy's little shadow.
On her 18 month checkup she was in the 22% for height and 1% for weight. She's a little one that can't seem to gain weight. The doctor asked if Molly could say 8 words that we can understand.. If you know Molly you know why I then laughed. I told him that she is speaking pretty well, and even sentences sometimes. He then asked Molly, "can you already say sentences and go potty on the potty?" Molly replied, "A little bit." He and I were both laughing. Everyday she is saying more and more words we didn't even know she had heard before.  There are so many funny things that she does I could go on all day, but one of her favorite things is to be "nakey" She does not want to get out of the bath tub and when she does we have to dance, ride on the rocking horse, and then play a game of chase before we manage to get pj's on her little body.  This post will be a molly/naked overload and for that i am sorry. But I promise the videos will put a smile on your face!
Oh and how could I forget to mention "Kate" her new build-a-bear that she is hooked to the hip with.