Beautiful Bella

New things!

The house is done.. Ty and I start moving tomorrow, we are just so excited. So many new things all at once. And in the middle of it all we decided to adopted a dog. :) We went down to the Humane Society Satruday and there was our precious little Bella.. So cute, just looking at us, wishing we would take her for a walk. We did, and played around with her but weren't sure if we wanted her or a full-bred boxer. Ty has wanted a boxer forever. So Sunday morning we went and looked at some boxer puppies, so cute and sweet but not as cute as Bella. We went back to the Humane Society and became Mom and Dad.. (for now) We will see how she does and if we can handle her. Um sisters we haven't told mom and dad yet, we will break it to them gently.hahaha Don't tell them yet :) Bella is part bull mastiff, one year and 6 months,75 pounds,sweet as can be! House trained, potty trained, and obeys and listens to Tyler better than I do. Its crazy how fast you can fall in love with a dog. She dosen't bark or whine when she sleeps at night or at anytime. She dosen't jump up, growl, she's the perfect dog. We couldn't have found a better dog. Excitement all over. I will post more pics tomorrow, she is getting groomed and her nails done.. oh and we found out Bella means "beautiful!"



I had to steal some pics of my adorable nephew from Kim.. He is growing like a week, and i don't think he could look anymore like my little bro! Jess he is deffinalty your son.


Rachel Cook A-Z

I have officaly been tagged for the first time by my dear friend Melissa. Who I will see in October!! Liss im so excited!
A= Attached or Single: Attached to my hubby
B= Best Friend: Tyler
C= Cake or Pie: Cheese cake
D= Day of Choice: Saturdays, my day off and sleep in day
E= Essential Item: Music from any type of device (pandora)
F= Flavor of Icecream: Dulce De Leche Carmel
G= Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears (tylers grandpa always has a bag with him at all times!)
H= Hometown: The Burg, Idaho
I= Indulgence: hmmm not sure
J= January or July: July (lake powell time)
K= Kids: I have 30 6year olds i teach 5 days a week and I lOVE THEM
L= Last movie I saw at a theater: We went and saw Burned after Reading.. Kinda random, disturbing, and funny. MARY YOU WOULD LOVE IT
M= Musician: Jason Mraz
N= Number of Siblings: 5 brothers (including in-laws) 5 sisters. Love them all, the whole in-law stuff means nothing. They are all amazing!
O= Oranges or Apples: Depends, juice.. Oranges, just to eat apples
Q= Quote: Carpe Diem (seaze the day)
R= Reason to Smile: Thinking about my husband and my family.. My nieces and nephews!
T= Tag: Natalie and Andrea
U= Unknown fact: I am allergic to ice cream and dairy. But i eat it anyway
V= vegetarian or oppressor of Animals: I LOVE MEAT!
W= Worst habit: chewing on my lip when im thinking or frustrated! My sis does it too
X= Xray or Ultrasound: not sure
Y= Your favorite food: SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Z= Zodiac sign: Taurus


2 more weeks!

Ty and I are just dying, we can't wait to get into our new place. We went yesterday and they have come a long ways. Still need carpet, faucets, and a couple touch ups, oh and furniture! It's lookin good. Im sure many of you know i have moved to a new place every six months, seriously! Idaho, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, it's been a crazy fun ride. Now i have a place to call home. Im so lucky to have such a great place to live, and a wonderful husband. Ty is so great, he will probably be mad if i say this but he actually sowed on a button for me the other day because i didn't know how. HAHAH sad; I will learn... He's the best, I love you babe!

These are of the living, dining, and entry way..

This is part of the kitchen and the guest bathroom upstairs, i love the counter tops and color of cabn. we choose, but you cant' tell too good in the picts.

Materbath and our empty bedroom.. Soon it will be finished. I didn't have the patience to put on all the pics, so here is just a little bit of the soon to be Cook residence!


Football Season Begins...

The summer is officaly over, school started back up, the nights are cooler, and the kickoff game of UTAH football games began, so long sweet summer! We are loving our little married life, waiting for the house to be finished. Today we went down to Alpine to check on it with Ty's family and the paint is done and our cabinents were installed yesterday.. We are hoping 3 more weeks.:)
Since we were married we have returned to Idaho as a married couple for the first time, we went up to Jackson Hole with the fam and went to Bar J Wranglers. It was entertaining but a little long for the kids (and my dad). And cute little Payton was an angel; only cried when his bumb was soiled. We love going to see the fam, even though it wasn't complete without Ann, Brad, and Logan..
Saturday we got together with our good friends and went to the Utah football game, it was fun. We went up there at 3 and bbqed and saw some crazy tailgaters! People go all out, its nuts. We are lucky to have such great friends, who no matter what can have a good time.. I am going to try to remember to take my camera to take a pics of our cute town home the work in progress. Stay tuned for that.
I almost forgot, one of the pics is of our friend Nick, it was his birthday and the only red pinata they could find was elmo, he beheaded him real fast! Then there is a pics of the field but if you look close you can see a paper airplane between the T and the A i think, well its Ty's plane. He was real proud of himself!


Pictures are here! They just take forever to post, so im trying to get a slide show together to show them..