California Girls

Molly and I had the chance to head on down to sunny California with our good friends
Jessica and Lucy Zurcher. The girls did amazing in the car. We were so
proud of both of them. The weather was perfect, the food was good, and the company
was even better. It was the relaxing trip that I had needed!
 Thank you Jessie for inviting us!
Thank you Thompson's for the hospitality!

I met up with a roommate from college Becky!

Molly's first time at the beach


6 Months Old
I can't believe Molly is half a year old today. It honestly feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital holding her for the first time. She has been such a wonderful baby and brought a lot of joy and happiness to our lives. We couldn't have asked for a better baby. Here are some fact about Molly:
26.5 inches long
14 lbs
loves to eat her baby food
sits up all by herself
stands holding onto things
loves to have the blanket over her face when sleeping
enjoys playing with any toy that lights up
favorite toy is her glow worm and cookie jar
goes to bed at 8:00 all by herself :)
loves morning time when she gets to play in our bed with us
drools all day long!
she has learned to scream when she wants something
loves her piggies
likes to snuggle on the love sac with momma
thinks babies and kids are soo funny
enjoys taking Bella on walks
and is happy and content all the time
We love you baby girl!


Round 2

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday break..I can't believe its 2011, so crazy. This year has been the best yet and it just flew by. Christmas was awesome it was our year to spend it with Ty's side of the family. We had a great time with the fam but missed a lot of you this year! Christmas morning was so special watching Molly her first Christmas. She loved playing with the wrapping paper and chewing on the boxes.
After Christmas I headed up to Idaho to spend some time with my family and to freeze! It was sooo cold, but soo much fun to just play with my nieces, nephew, and sister every day. Ty came up on Thursday and went skiing with the rest of the fam on Friday where he go to experience frost bite for the first time. :)
Saturday was an extra special day we celebrated Bailee's baptism, Kate's blessing, and Nichole's birthday. It was a big day! I am so thankful for the girls in that family. I love you all so much.
(Ann we were really missing you and the boys. Can't wait to see you again!)
As for round 2 of pics I took so many I will try not to do a Molly overload and 
just pick some of my favorites.
Grandpa and Grandma Taylor 
(the party planners) thanks for making life so great!
Molly,Drew, and Hallie in the christmas pjs
getting ready to open presents
Molly is the 41st person in the Taylor family
  Grandma and Grandpa Cook
Just playing some piano
The Jeppesens
Happy Baptism, Blessing, and Birthday!
Grandma & Grandpa Ferney