Kate Olivia Jeppesen was born November 11, 2010
Weighing in at 5.5lbs and 19 inches.
Nichole did great, and so did daddy Joe.
Molly and I went to Idaho the night before Kate was born. We helped take
care of Bailee and Ella (my nieces). I was so happy to be there and welcome
Kate to the world. She is so cute and so tiny. Long like her daddy 
and tiny like her mommy. We love you Kate!
Oh and Molly had her ears pierced while we were in Idaho!
So cute!
Bailee,Kate,Peyton,Ella, and Molly
(missing Logan and Austin)

  Molly also turned 4 MOTHS OLD! I can't believe how big she is getting.
She is still such a good baby, sleeping through the night,
laughing, playing, and now eating cereal.
Her favorite thing is morning time. Me or Tyler go get her from
her crib and she lies in bed with us and just talks.
She loves to lay with us and grab our faces, especially daddy's.
We love our baby girl so much.
Mmmmm Cereal!
We also just celebrated another birthday, Drew boy turned 3! 
We are glad you had such a great birthday.
Just riding around with Drew
Molly and Hallie


Tonight Tyler and I were on our way to drop Molly of at his parents house
Molly and I were just chillin in the back when Tyler sneezed! Molly
thought it was soo funny! So for the next while of course I had to 
create fake sneezes to get her to laugh.