American Idol

I just have to say I love Adam! His voice is awesome.. I know there are a lot of people who CAN'T STAND HIM. I love listening to him every week, and honestly I even rewind it. Thank heavens for DVR :) Ty is going to hate this post, he is not a fan of Adam....
Oh and Ann, he isn't a vampire.... love ya sis


Is it spring?

What's up with all the snow? I was so excited for about a week for all the wonderful weather and then BAM SNOW. It was so windy and snowy yesterday I thought our roof was going to blow off while we were at church...
We did have a good weekend though, Ty and I got to spend some time with my brother in law Brad. All we did was sit at home and watched movies, but we always get a kick out of each other.
Saturday I got a call from our good friend Rich asking permission for Tyler to go to the Jazz game. Of course I said yes, he thought it was funny that he called me first for permission :) Anyway, it was supposed to be a boys night out, but the boys couldn't fine another GUY to go with them... SO they invited me, I got the pity invite. I was still so happy to go SUNS VS Jazz. The best game, my 2 favorite teams it was fun! Other than I still cheer for the suns and the guys didn't appreciate that much. Jazz won in overtime, so I got to go home with a happy husband.
Back to this spring stuff, next week is my spring break and I was hoping to enjoy warm weather. So everyone please cross your fingers. Im sure we will end up freezing in Idaho, then warm up in St. George. I hope everyone has a fabulous week and a wonderful Easter!


St. George!

This weekend was so much fun, I had the opportunity to head south with a good friend! Melissa Mckinley, her boys and I all went down to see our sisters. Her sister is going to school down there and Andrea just moved down to St. George. It was a fun trip to catch up on each others lives and I also got to know her adorable boys. Luke, even told me at one point I looked like Hannah Dontana :) Melissa, I really had so much fun, you are the cuttest best mom. Those boys kept me laughin the whole time.
I loved seeing Andrea, Brand and Logan too, Its crazy how fast I start to miss my family. Now for the highlight of the trip...... We arrived in St. George around 11:00 Friday night and then headed straight to Walmart for the Twilight Part.. HAHAHA i know i know. But I haven't seen the movie because I just barely gave into the series, which I now love. It was fun, we were laughing at ourselves.
Ty got to take Bella camping for her first time, and he figured out that she hates guns, and listens to MOM (me) much better then him. I was happy to get back to the two of them. Thanks Liss for such a fun, exciting weekend.


Back to reality..

Tyler and I just got back from the most amazing trip to Maui. We had the opportunity to go with just my parents this year. Yes we missed the rest of the family, but it was an amazing experience to go with just them. We had a blast, the weather was beautiful, the ocean was warm, great shopping, and wonderful sun rays. My dad surprised us and took us deep sea fishing we were out on a boat in the crazy waves from 5:45 am to 3:00, it was a long fun day. I have to admit i took dramamine but was still sea sick. I was the only one who reeled anything in, but it was just a little bait fish. We spent a lot of time at the pool and on the beach. Boogie boarding was awesome this year, the waves were big and stronger this year or I'm just more of a wimp. Tyler and Dad had a lot of fun out there, mom and I did too but we couldn't last as long. Everything was just great, its crazy how amazing it is over there. Every time we go its like i've never seen the ocean before I get so excited! Oh and the whales there were whales every where. We couldn't keep track of how many we would see in just an hour. We also enjoyed the food, its hard to have a bad meal in Hawaii! We are happy to be back with Bella, she had a fun time with the in-laws. Although, we would have given anything to stay another week! Thanks mom and dad for everything it was a trip to remember...:)