8 Months Old

I cannot believe our baby girl is 8  months old today. She has grown up so much the past two months, she also got her first tooth last night. Her are some fun facts about Molly Jane Cook:
  • she loves to read stories
  • still sleeps with her blankie over or by her face
  • can pull herself up to most anything
  • happy all the time
  • can now say "mamma" and "dadda"
  • gets so excited that she dances about everything
  • LOVES babies and baby dolls
  • can win a staring contest :)
  • enjoys the outdoors
  • loves her cousins
  • almost crawling..
Molly is an amazing baby girl with such a sweet and happy spirit. We are so proud to
be her parents and lucky to have her in our lives.




Do I dare say the word. Today was such a lovely day that Molly, Bella and I decided to try and spend as much time as we could outside. Molly is at a fun stage where she just loves to sit and play with her toys (mostly her pink lap top) the best $12 I've ever spent on her yet. Some days I wish she was crawling around, other like today I'm happy she can just stay in one spot while I snap pictures. She is getting very close to crawling, and has now conquered standing herself up to things. Then there is my naughty toddler Bella. She has more spring fever than I do. When we got outside today she acted as though she had never been on a leash before.. Most days I  feel like she is harder to entertain than Molly. Once summer comes I have a feeling us 3 will be outside a lot. OH THE POOL :) 
Molly loves her puppy 
So happy to have one of mommy's toys
just typing away