Spring Time
I am so happy it is finally warm outside! There is something about that wonderful sunshine that can just put me in the best mood ever. We love being outdoors and we're trying to get as much stuff in before the baby comes. We have already been up the canyon twice to enjoy the weather and took a trip to St. George. Now if I can only get a couple camping/boating trips in :). Everyone has been asking for a belly picture and to be honest it probably is not going to happen. But here are a few recent pics and you can tell my little Molly is in there!
St. George (easter weekend)
American Fork Canyon
Beautiful Bella
March 31, 2010


Tyler and I had a wonderful experience this week that I thought I would share. We were able to be sealed in in the Salt Lake Temple on Wednesday, with all our closest family and friends there it was a day to remember. It's a day we have been looking forward to, a day that words cannot describe, a day that will forever be remembered. Thank you to all those who were able to be there with us. It is because of all of you and the wonderful love and friendships we are so lucky to have that has helped us on our journey.  And to my husband; I love you more than ever I'm so lucky to have you as my husband and eternal copanion. You are my rock, my better half, my bestfriend, and my everything. I'm so excited for you to become a daddy :) I love you Bus!
As for baby, she is doing great. You can tell she is in there (oh the joys of growing large) and she kicks and spins every time I sit down. As for names we are still loving Molly Jane, Tyler dosen't share his opinion too much but once we see her i'm sure her name will come to us. 3 more months until we get to meet her and we can't wait. I think Bella is even getting excited to be a big sister.... I have been feeling much better, I did pass one more kidney stone but it wasn't as bad as the first couple. I keep telling myself my body is just preparing me for labor. But can you really be prepared for labor?  Thanks again to the family and friends that were there with us, and to those who were not you've all helped influence us!