Taking walks outside and swimsuits are some of Molly's favorite things right now
 I TURNED 30! Ty surprised me by throwing a birthday party. It was very sweet, and a lot of fun with friends. I still can't believe i'm 30 years old. WOW
We finally made it to the Tulip Festival this year at Thanksgiving Point!  We had a blast, Molly loves spending time with her good friend Lucy. They are adorable to watch, such sweet little girls. I love spending time with my little peanut that is growing up faster than I want her to!



This year for Easter we spent a week at my parent house in Idaho. Luckily the weather was warm and the kids were able to be outside every day.. Before we left we had our Cook family party over at "grammys" house. The kids love the Easter egg hung, and with there only being 4 kids they get a little spoiled when it comes to the hunt.  Its so nice having family close and getting to spend so much time with them. We are very lucky to have the families we have.



Oh how time flies! With the weather getting warmer we are starting to come out of our winters slumber. In the last month alone we have seen all of our family in a matter of 3 trips!  Im going to try and sum up the last couple months as best as I can...
while the rest of the Ferney clan was in Hawaii, we were sledding!
Molly decided to stick a popcorn kernel up her nose! That was a fun trip to the doctor

sunday dinner at grammys!
Molly is always so happy, even when i have to get her up at 6:45 on Tuesday/Thursdays to go to Grammys house!

and then the hair cut......

At the end of March we were able to go with the family down to St. George and witness our sweet little Maya being sealed to the Harker family! It was an amazing experience and so happy that Maya is now officially in the family for eternity.