VIP Style

Last night was a crazy, interesting night. Me, Ty, my friend Charle and her husband Jared went to a concert that my father-in-law and uncle were involved in; and lets just say it was and crazy/exciting/educational, and an experience I will never forget. This is a pic of the limo they own, its awesome inside. Chare and I were feelin pretty special....


Another year wiser!

IM 26!!! AHHH!!! I have decided I really enjoy my birthday! I had a lot of fun this year, I had like 60 kids sing happy birthday too me, we got all our friends together for a bon-fire, and it was wonderful weather! What more could you ask for? Ty and I celebrated tuesday with friends by heading up the canyon. Its amazing that we only live 15 minutes away from such a beautiful place. We decided we have to start taking advantage of the mountains more. Last night we had a night to ourselves, he even went shopping with me it was great! He did awesome this year with presents, I'm usually so nosy and try to figure out what he's getting me. Not this year. He totally surprised me. Thanks babe.



I just need to say Thank you to Nichole and Kim! That was a fabulous weekend! I needed that, nothing like having your best friends for a weekend! Ann, next time you will make it! Or we will make it down there. Anyway thanks again that was a lot of fun, it was sad to see you go. Next time we will just make sure their is power in Park City before we go. hahaha


Peyton Ferney

I had to steal these pictures from my sis-in law to show off how stinkin cute my nephew is. He looks so much like my brother, and apparently is going to love golf just like my brother. He is such a good little boy; always happy! I just can't believe he is almost a year old!


Our trip to St. George was a blast! We shopped, ate, had fun with the fam, hung out with Ann, Brad, and Logan, and even threw Logan a mini Bday party. Easter was also fun, we dyed eggs Saturday night then went on a nice relaxing hike. Here are a few of the fun photos.

Ty being adventurous

Britt and Drew boy

Jen & Eric making popcorn!

Logan and Drew, both concentrating!



Spring Break officially started for me on Monday. School is out! Thank goodness my students needed a break more than I did. The week before they had their SAT's which can get stressful.
Of course we started out by going to Idaho seeing the family. We went swimming in Jackson, got to see Joe and Nichole's house, played with my awesome nieces and nephew, watched a flick with Jess and Kim, we just had a good time. I am always sad to leave my fam, especially my nieces and nephews! Good thing they are coming here next week :) It was also weird saying good bye to my mom, she is heading to India for a couple weeks. She is doing a medical mission helping with delivering and saving babies. We are all excited for her and very proud of her, I just pray that everything will go smoothly and she will be safe! We will be praying for you momma! LOVE YOU..
Now I'm just chillin at home spring cleaning, my car, my house, even my dog! Yes Bella and I have had fun today, we painted our nails and I gave her a bath. She hates bathes more than anything. I had to bribe her into the tub with little hot dogs, it didn't work. So I had to lift 80lbs of dog into the bath tub. She is such a baby! Now she smells so good. I don't do well sitting home, I have to be out doing things, good thing we are heading to St. George Thursday with the Cook family. We are going to have a fun Easter down there, I just hope its warm! I hope everyone else has a great HAPPY EASTER!
Bella pouting....

still pouting.....

her beautiful nails