Summer is flying by, here it is almost one week away til the wedding! SO SO EXCITED! We just got back from Lake Powell, we were there for a week with Ty's whole family and his cousins. It was the best trip ever, we are spoiled down there. Not to mention the weather was awesome. And i for once wore sunblock. Yes thats right, I wore SUN BLOCK. Can't be peeling for the wedding. We celebreated Tylers birthday, his cousin Heather, and Forrest's birthday down there. Ty's the big 26. There were a lot of fun memories made we are lucky to have such a great family to go with. Oh and how could i forget; Drew went swimming and tubbing, he loved it! He loved the water it was so cute. He is growing up fast, and doing so good!
As for the wedding, we are all ready now its just a waiting game. I hope to see everyone there. FYI: I probably won't be updating my blog for a while its going to be a busy next month. But i will post pics of the wedding once i get them. Thanks everyone who has helped out, came to showers, gifts, and friendships.. We will see ya in a week.........


Thank You

Man summer is flying by! Here it is July 16 and I feel as though summer has just begun. 3 more weeks till I become Rachel Cook, and I can't wait! The stress has deffinatly crept upon me the past 2 weeks. I got my bridals out of the way, our final walk through at Red Butte, and all the little things out of the way. I feel much better. The last week has been so much fun, busy but fun! It started out Monday with a wonderful bridal shower that was for me and my cousin-in-law on the Cook side, then Wednesday another shower for me was thrown by Tyler's parents ward, Friday a shower from my family in Idaho, and Saturday a shower from my friends in Idaho. I am one spoiled girl! It was so nice to have all the showers and receive so many wonderful gifts. Thank you to everyone who helped and showed up to them.
To my friends, thanks girls for being there Saturday. That was a lot of fun, I love when we all get together. And the babies, oh the babies, so so cute! See ya'll soon.
My family, thanks for supporting me and helping me through all of this. My mother is truly amazing, she has helped me out so much. I couldn't have done any of it without her.
This week started out good, today I met Ryan Cook. Ty's brother just returned home from serving a mission in Brazil. Its so weird meeting him for the first time, and in 3 weeks we will be family. He is wonderful just like the rest of his family. Sunday we all leave for Lake Powell for a week and i can't wait. Ty and I are both ready for a little R&R, not to mention i need some SUN. So i will have some fun pictures to post. Until then, thanks again everyone who played a part in the showers.


Summer Time...

Summer time is so great! Tyler and I have a lot of fun during the summer time. Between boating, hiking, playing outside, laying out at the pool, and getting ready for Lake Powell. Our July is so jammed pack with events. First coming up on the 7-12 I have 4 wedding showers, then bridals, a family reunion, then on the 16th his brother Ryan comes home from his mission. I have never met Ryan only through letters and on the phone so im really anxious to meet him. Then July 21 we go to Powell for a week, 2 weeks later we are on our way to Married Life... We are both just ready to be married. We have made a decision on a new Ivory Town home in Lehi and are just getting ready to finish all the fun paper work with that. It will be fun to design and make it our own. I will try to post more soon, but this wedding planning stuff is has slowly started to stress me out. Luckily I have great in-laws, parents, and a fiance who help out. Ty, thanks for being so patient and loving with me. No one can handle me like you. XOXOX :)
Invitations go out next week, so be looking for them..